East Germany (DDR) 1974 (Scoop)

East Germany (DDR) 1974 World Cup Retro Football Shirt.

Football is more than just a game as the real world unfolds, football becomes caught up in it, and particular matches have particular political symbolism  One such typical match was when West Germany played East Germany in the 1974 FIFA World Cup.

The West Germans were, prior to the game, largely dismissing the East Germans, sure of a victory that would give them the group victory. In spite of this apparent arrogance, many East German fans supported the West German side, living as they did under a communist regime that was highly restrictive. Only 1,500 specially selected East German fans were allowed to travel to Hamburg by train, for a match with 60,000 spectators.

After 77 minutes Sparwasser broke the deadlock for the DDR.  This goal was enough for the East Germans to win the group, and they celebrated. This was a victory that resounded across the world.


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